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About Jim


I have worked in education for over 40 years. I started as a teacher and then became a Tech Coordinator. Last, I work as a consultant.

I have always enjoyed history and then later technology. Lately, I set a goal to read a biography of all of the deceased US Presidents. I have met the goal and more. I have read over 70 books on deceased Presidents and books on George H. Bush, Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. I still need to read books on Clinton and Obama.

In addition, I have read about men and women who have affected the United States.

I am open to suggestions, so send me your favorite book(s)’

As I read books I look for interesting trivia about Presidents. I have put these on the web at classroomhelp.com. I didn’t list the information in paragraphs because I didn’t want students to copy and past the materials in their school reports.

The websites cost me money so any help you can give me by using my links to buy books or to search for items on American History. Contact me if you have any questions.


You can contact me at wenzloff (the at sign)gmail.com

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