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Why Do I Twitter My Time Away?

I’ve asked myself that question several times. At one point, I even said that Twitter is the biggest waste of time and technology I have ever seen. I’ve talked to several other Twitter users that felt the same way when they started using Twitter. My attitude about Twitter has changed. I now like, enjoy and use Twitter every day. More importantly the value of Twitter in my professional life has changed.

Why do I Twitter my time away? Here are my top ten reasons for using Twitter.

  1. Twitter connects me to my face-to-face and virtual friends.
  2. It builds my network of professionals from around the world.
  3. I stay in touch with people who have attended one or more of my workshops using Twitter.
  4. It connects me to well-known gurus and experts in my field that I would never get a chance to talk to or visit with on a regular basis. These are two gurus I follow: Guy Kawasaki, David Weinberger and many others.
  5. I maintain contact with my friends and learn the little things that are going on in their lives through our short comments.
  6. Everyday I have up to two hundred and eighty two people exploring the web and telling me all of the great resources they find. They link to tools, great blog postings, news articles, resources and all types of fine gems.
  7. Also, they make me laugh. This was shared on Twitter yesterday: Always check your child’s Work
  8. My friends/followers answer questions when I ask them.
  9. Twitter allows me to share my thoughts and ideas quickly and without a lot of efforts.
  10. Most importantly, my “friends” on Twitter share what they know and they care about others.

In reality, the last item is why I use Twitter.

My question for  you is: “Why don’t you Twitter your time away?”


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