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Screencasting With Jing

Jing Gets Even Better

TechSmith just released a Professional version of Jing. The good news is the Jing software we have all grown to love is still free. Just in case you haven’t used Jing, Jing is a free screen-recording program from TechSmith. It will record anything you do on your computer along with your voice. Besides recording movies it will also capture and allow you to annotate images. Both are excellent ways to create videos or tell stories. It is available for free at the Jing website. This week they introduced Jing Pro*. You can continue using the free version. So what do you get if you upgrade to the $14.98/year pro version. Here are four things I really like. I’m sure there are more.

1. It records in MPEG-4 instead of just flash. This not only decreases file size but allows you to edit the file in iMovie or using other video editing programs.

2. You can export your video from your desktop to YouTube right from Jing Pro.

3. Jing now provides the embed code for you to use to insert video from their storage site,

4. You can create new buttons for controlling the output of what you create.

Those are four things I like and I have only had the program for a few days. I’m sure you will find other great features. If you haven’t used Jing give it a try. Also, if you are using Jing and like it, you should consider upgrading to Jing Pro.

* Disclaimer: TechSmith was nice enough to give me an account to try out the pro version. I’m writing this because I think it is a great program not because of saving a few dollars. Just wanted to be up front about it.

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