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January, 2017:

Hate and Anger

The recent election has been very different than any election I can remember. The other piece of it is that after the election the bitterness is still there and has even seemed to increase.

Facebook is full of messages and comments arguing the same rants day after day. President Elect Donald Trump feeds the fire with his Tweets about people that criticize him.

I think it is time for us and the politicians step back and take a deep breath and stop the rancor. President Trump has to act more “presidential.” Before he was elected President he spent his early morning hours reviewing how his name had been mentioned by the press and television. He was the brand and he wanted to protect it.

Now is is the President of the United States and he should focus on being the President. Conversely, the people of the United States need to give him a chance and work to make the best of the situation.






Another Nixon Book

I am just starting to read One Man Against the World by Tim Weiner. Nixon is an interesting man. He was perhaps one of the most hated and despised Presidents of the United States. You may be interested to know that Nixon often ate cottage cheese with ketchup on it for lunch. I tried it just to see if it was good. It was the first and last time I ate it.

I’ll keep you up on my reading as I move along. I hope this is a good book. It had 4.5 stars in amazon.

January 17, 2017

I am about halfway through the book. I was surprised how much President Nixon drank. His drink of choice was martini’s. He drank so much that an aid said he wouldn’t work with Nixon unless he quit drinking so much. Also, Nixon might have been addicted to commercial drugs.

The other thing that I didn’t understand is how the President and his staff planned military action without the consent of the military.

President Ombama’s Farewell Adress

If you missed Obama’s farewell address you missed a great speech. Good news is you can still see it online.