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September, 2011:

Creating a New Lesson

Tomorrow, I will be working with a group of teachers in grades 2 – 12. It is a challenge having such a large range of teachers. I have worked with them before and it went well. This will be our second day together. We are going to work on creating a new lesson. However, I’m not sure there is such a thing as a new lesson. It really is just teaching the topic in a new way. I’m looking forward to see what they create.


When Does the Learning Stop?

When your students turn in the assignment? When you return it with your comments and the grade? It doesn’t have to stop there. The Internet provides not only an audience for your students, but it provides on-going feedback on their writing. They continue learning from the numerous comments they can get from an audience from around the world.

Take a look at student work posted on the Internet. (http://www.studentnewsaction.net/ and the http://theclem.org are just two examples. I am sure you can find many more. Posting on the Internet is more than just moving from paper to digital work. It changes the focus of why you are writing. You are now writing for the world.

The learning isn’t done when your teacher comments. Every time someone comments on your writing, students are brought back to thinking about what you wrote and the reaction from people. The learning continues.

I encourage you to involve your students in publishing their stories, essays and opinions to the web. It is well worth the time and effort. Where else can you gain on going learning for free?