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December, 2010:

TSA – Looking at the Wrong Thing?

In my current job, I travel  a bit. That means I frequently go through airport security check points. I think they are looking for the wrong thing. They are looking at what I and others carry on the plane. I think they should be looking at my identification. Usually, I buy my tickets about thirty days before my trip. means the airlines has a lot of time to check to see if I have anything in my past that looks odd. Also, when I board they can check my identification.

They really have little or no technology at the first stop where they look at my passport or drivers license. When I cross the border to go to Canada, customs scans my passport and knows some of my travel history. The TSA doesn’t do that. I don’t know why? I think we the TSA should upgrade the id check and cut back on full body scans and body searches.