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January 18th, 2009:

Lit2Go: Audio books for the Classroom

Lit2Go is an excellent collection of free audio books for education. The collection is sorted by grades ranging from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. It also has a smaller collection of audio books in Spanish. The books range to simple nursery rhymes to non-fiction recordings on mathematics, history, and other topics. It is a great place to start your school collection of audio books and files. The nice thing is that it is free!

You can access these audio files via the Lit2Go website or using iTunes. There are advantages to both methods.

1. iTunes: Open iTunes and go to the iTunes. Then use the search box in the upper right hand corner and search for Lit2Go. You will get two items as a result of your search. Click on Lit2Go: Audio Files for K-12. The advantage of using iTunes is that you can easily organize your Lit2Go file into Playlist for exporting to CD’s or to iPods that your students can use in school and on iPods that can be checked out from the library. (iTunes is a free download for Windows or Macintosh Computers.

2. Lit2Go website: The website has a very nice search form for finding what you want. You can search using any one or more of the following: Titles, Authors, Keywords or Reading Level. The advantage of the web site is that you can also download a written version of the story if you want your students to follow along as they listen to the story.

I would use iTunes to find the stories I wanted to use with my class and then go to the web site to find the written story if I wanted a copy of the story.

Lit2Go is a great way to provide students with stories and good literature to listen to and read. Most homes have CD players or MP3 players so they can use these files at home. Parents can listen and read with their children to extend reading practice beyond the classroom.

In the upper grades, using MP3 players is a good way to introduce new authors to students. Also, some students say they get teased if they are reading on the bus on the way home. They don’t get teased if they have earphones in their ears.

Sample Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme.

MP3 A Diller a Dollar

PDF A Diller a Dollar

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