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January 12th, 2009:

Just One Click

Help Kiva and Save the Children with just one mouse click. Intel is giving Kiva or Save the Children five cents every time someone clicks a button on their “Small Things Challenge.” They will donate up to $75,000.00 dollars each quarter this year. (A good math exercise for your students to figure out how many clicks it will take.)

From the Kiva Newsletter:

This month Intel launched the Small Things Challenge, a partnership between Intel, Kiva and Save the Children.
You can participate by visiting the Small Things Challenge website today and clicking the “we’ll donate 5 cents for you” button on the Web site. Intel will donate 5 cents for every person who clicks on the button – up to $75,000 per quarter this year to be split equally between Kiva and Save the Children. That’s a lot of clicks so you can get started right away!
The Small Things Challenge is a multi-faceted program appealing directly to individuals worldwide to get involved by providing micro-loans through Kiva as well as donating to Save the Children. Click here to watch video of Intel Chairman Craig Barrett announcing the partnership, with the assistance of Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Adam Levine of Maroon 5, at the 2009 International CES tradeshow in Las Vegas.

So click once at “Small Things Challenge.” and then spread the word through your blog, Twitter, school, Facebook, Ning or your face-to-face friends.

It is a small thing to do for two great organizatiosn. You can also go to Kiva or Save the Children and make a donation. We have created a Building Learning Communities Team on Kiva and would be happy to have you join our team. November Learning will match the first thousand dollars donated by team members to Kiva. Currently our team has loaned $850.00, so loan $25 and November Learning will loan $25.

Just to add a little humor to giving five cents. You may enjoy this Dilbert Cartoon.


So a little at a time can create a big number. Please share the Small Things Challenge with others.