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January 8th, 2009:

Student Storybooks

Student publishing and writing for an authentic audience has been a theme of many of my blog posts and my presentations. That’s why I was excited when I discovered Tikatok.com. The lead sentence on their web site is “Tikatok™ is where kids channel their imagination into stories – and publish those stories into books for you to share and treasure with friends and family.” I looked at some of the books and they were lovely. They are short stories illustrated with crayon and pencil drawings and some photos. The image below shows two pages of a book from their site. I thought this was a great concept and wanted to learn more.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking to Katie Cowan Porro from Tikatok, Inc. about their website. She is the VP of Marketing and School Programs at Tikatok.com. Tikatok is a web site that helps students create storybooks. They have over 800 elementary teachers registered for their site and the company is only a year old. Their main audience is classes in grades 2-6. However, any level could create a book. You can use their site for free to create stories and publish an online book. Parents or the school can purchase printed copies. Katie indicated they do give discounts if you are ordering multiple books.

As Katie explained the process to me, it sounds fairly simple. The teacher signs up his/her class on the site. Then will get a temporary username and password to share with your students. The students then log in and create an individual username and password. They will use their personal account to create their book. All of the student accounts are linked to the teacher account so the teacher can view their work and decide when the book is ready for publishing. Once the book is published parents, friends, and relatives can view the book online or purchase a print copy of the book. I can imagine the excitement in a classroom on the day all the books are published and students could read each others books online. It would be a fun day.

I fell in love with the drawings and the stories that I read on their site. What a great way to engage students in writing at an early age. Let me know if your students publish books on Tikatok. I would be glad to send them a review.